Charitable Trust

CN group has a charitable trust that gives money to community groups operating within the circulation area of its brands.

The CN Group Charitable Trust is administered by the Charities Aid Foundation and its income is tax free.  This means that all donations must be made to either registered charities of groups that fulfil HMRC criteria.

The Charities act 2006 defines a charity as “a body or trust which is for a charitable purpose and is for the public benefit”.

A committee meets four times a year – usually in March, June, September and December – to decide which charities to support. The Committee has flexibility, but works to the following guidelines:

  1.  The recipient charity or group must operate within the core circulation area of one of the Group’s newspapers and spend the donation likewise;
  2. Donations should be made to a wide variety of charities and community groups throughout the Group’s area of operation;
  3. Donations should benefit groups within the community and, therefore, donations to specific individuals are unlikely;
  4. Donations are normally in the range £100 -500, which means that, at this moment we can help approximately 60-80 groups per year.

To apply, please contact Gill Wilson at , or by writing to Gill at CN Group Limited, PO Box 7, Newspaper House, Dalston Road, Carlisle CA2 5UA, or any further queries – 01228 612286.

Please state what the funds are required for, the total amount to be raised, the likely timescale, information about your charity/group and any other relevant information.

Remember to include your charity number if you are registered. If you are not registered, you will be required to complete a validation process as required by HMRC.

Applications should be made by the end of the month prior to the committee meetings (i.e. by the end of February, May, August and November) at the latest.